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Gift Lists

Updated: 11/14/08 

Very important! - We have no intention of returning a gift to the store. Please open any gift you plan to give the children, assemble it, add batteries if neccessary, and have it in playable condition when they open it. If you don’t have time to assemble it, please give it to us in advance and we will be happy to do the assembly before they receive the gift. We will even help acquire appropriate boxes or wrappings.


  • Clothes- size 4T in general; she needs some jeans with adjustable waist and some fun dresses for play and church with tights to match. I just picked up some adorable brown dress shoes with pink trim that she loves, but she has very little to go with them. She would also like a night gown, preferably a Disney princess night gown.

  • She’s all excited about her blinky shoes, and would like more! I would go with size 10 in these, I think, and they need to run wide.

  • She wants a toaster to go with her Pottery Barn Kids kitchen (it’s red, in case you’ve missed it)

  • Princess dresses, size 5-6. She HAS Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel. Grant and I just bought her the Aurora dress, too.

  • Accessories for princess dresses, too. She loves playing dress up and often she and her friends have princess parades in the house!

  • Books are always great for her. I think we’re going to get her all of the Olivia series, though. We also got a set of the Little Einstein plush guys from the Disney store for her and Michael, and even bought an extra rocket so they each have one.

  • Teddy Ruxpin Adventure Series 1 & 2 - She has the treasure series. These are books and carts for her Teddy Ruxpin doll - NOT DVDs - they are on the “Kid Stuff” wish list under Grant’s wishlists at Amazon along with a few other things

  • See the Amazon “Kid Stuff” Wishlist under Grant’s name for other ideas

Other things to note: Megan’s getting good with pedaling her trike and loves dancing and gymnastics. She loves artsy stuff, including the Color Wonder stuff. In terms of paints, though, she’d prefer paints she can see over the Color Wonder paints. She’d love some finger paints.


HERE is a much lower maintenance kid. I’m sure he’ll be more vocal about his wants- eventually. For now,:

·         size 2T. He could use some nice shirts- pullovers, please. No button-downs. He also loves wearing clothes with animals on them- he asks for his monkey shirt daily, and loves being able to point at his belly and growl or bark or make monkey noises!

·         Michael loves stuffed animals (though we probably don’t need more) and cars. We have a decent fleet of Little People vehicles- school bus, dump truck, and fire truck, but he enjoys them so! He is also a mover and a shaker. He loves looking at books with bright pictures and different textures, and he loves things which involve him keeping active in his play. I have to say that he kind of ignores his little tool device though. That it just makes noises doesn’t excite him much. He really is an interactive player.

Stuff to Share for the Kids:

·         Shopping cart (little tikes)

·         Ball pit (see amazon)

Disney Movies We Lack and Want Aunts, Notice this!
We know the aunts love to buy Disney movies for the kids, and we want to encourage that! Here are the ones they don’t have and we’d like included in their collection: (I will edit as I find more in the house, but I think this is good). They may not get to watch these movies for years, but if you want them to have it in the “vault” for release when they are a little older, wrap it up!
- Sword in The Stone
- Jungle Book This is about to be re-released and is all exciting!!!!
-The Fox and the Hound


-The Incredibles