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Swim Lessons Continuing

Today is almost our last day of swim lessons. We have one make-up session on Saturday, and then the kids get a one week break before we start up again. I go back and forth each day as to how happy I am with the whole enchilada, but I can tell you how great some of the fillings are!

The instructors have these handy dandy noodles that they take and tie in a pretzel around the kids’ torsos. (in a pinch, they also have floaty “backpacks”) Megan and Michael have both been using these, and over the last few days, have even had some independence with them. Megan has had times both Tuesday and Wednesday where she “swam” toward the instructor with her pretzel. She’s using “shovel hands” and kicking and working to keep her head from ever touch water and slightly panicking, but she’s making progress. With more lessons, maybe she’ll approach some of that confidence and bouyancy (did I misspell that or is it just a funny lookin’ word?) that she needs to swim on her own. She’s pretty danged proud of herself, though!

Michael has been using the pretzel, but yesterday wsa the first day I was successfully prompted into letting him go. He looks like a little puppy, hands and feet going wild under the water, but he had fun, I think. He also fought to keep that head above the water, going back and forth between closed-mouth determination and laughing at the idea of what he was getting done.

Neither child likes to swim on his or her back. Grant got to see part of Megan’s lesson yesterday and saw her work on her back some, but had to leave before the teacher took her hand away from Megan’s waist and sent her into a crying fit over floating on her back on her own. The teacher did all she could to comfort her, and I did tell Megan that, if she tries, she will float on her back. I don’t look forward to watching that today. Michael cries a little, but mostly just fights me and then pulls himself inward and over to fight the whole back-floating thing. I want them to get this so bad. I know how important it could be to their little lives. I talked to Megan briefly about floating on her back if something went wrong in the pool, but I don’t think it went anywhere. Maybe I should’ve tried that life-saver program they do with the wee ones…

For now, rather than panic every time I see water, I’m just going to keep working with them, remain diligent in their safety and well-being, and look forward to watching them play several years from now and know then that they will be at least a wee bit safer… (I do love to worry, after all!)

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