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All about Megan

Megan turned 4 a month ago, and is already planning her 5th birthday and acting like she’s a teenager. My, how time flies!

She’s a magical creature, part precious princess, part drama queen, all talk and not quite enough listening for my own peace of mind. She’s amazing, even when she’s amazingly frustrating.

New developments? Well, this morning, in the pool, I realized she has a sprinkling of tiny blonde-colored freckles underneath her eyes. They are adorable! Speaking of the pool, according to new rules at the Y, children who cannot pass the swim test must either have an accompanying adult or wear a life jacket. Since I had both kids to myself, I made Megan wear the life jacket. I had a hard time making the choice but it was sooooo worth it. Megan was all over the kiddy pool and had a great time, and I worried less. Luckily, I also managed to force her and Michael to sort of play near each other even when they weren’t playing with each other, and when Megan hit a sticky spot and started to struggle, I was able to pull her to safety fast. (Note: the Y kid pool only goes to 3 feet, but splashing and sputtering and lack of confidence- well, you know…) She rewarded me with a “Thanks for saving me, Mom! You’re the best Mom ever!” My day was made.

Other new developments: this kids is soooo smarter than I am. It’s scary. Grant signed her up for a “Cats” class (for older kids) with The Music Playhouse in Nashville. This is serving as a supplement to the Pups class she takes with Michael. Now Grant quizzes Megan on her instruments with flash cards and tunes off the class CD, and she gets them right! She already knows more by name than I do.

Finally, it may kill us all (well, probably not, but it feels like it), but we’re working more and more on having her keep her room clean. It may even help inspire me to be a better example! I took 4 bags’ worth of toys and clothes from her room last week AND I didn’t allow Megan access to her clothes for 2 days, laying out outfits for her. Friday morning, I made her earn it back. Long story a wee bit shorter, we spent 1.5 hours in her room, me pointing and piling, her putting away. When it was over and she had all her toys and clothes back and organized, she danced for joy. She even told my parents she was proud of herself. And that made me all the prouder!

Now to go see what my little wonder child has been doing during her “quiet” time…

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