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Tricks and Treats

We had a pretty great Halloween around here. The kids got to round up candy and play dress up, and even Michael enjoyed himself- some.
Megan has enough dress up clothes that I decided early on that we would NOT buy her a costume this year. I also told her that she could be whatever she wanted for each dress up occasion (two birthday parties, Ghouls at Grassmere, her dance class party, and , of course, Halloween- two days’ worth), but that she was required to be Snow White for her Halloween pictures with Michael. She complied beautifully; it was very confusing for me.
Michael has no dress up clothes, but can wear Megan’s Pablo costume from last year if we roll up the legs and arms. We also bought him a car costume; it’s perfect for my little “I’d rather be naked” boy and perfect for the crazy Nashville Fall weather.

I’ll put photos up from some of the various events we attended, but what I really want to remember is Halloween night. We came home from a full day of activities and let the nap-starved babies chill and play for about an hour before we took to the streets. We took the double stroller for longer jags in the neighborhood, though it went empty for several houses at a time.
Our first house was that of our next door neighbors. Megan went up and did her trick-or-treat thing, thanked them, and was ready to move on. Michael, who does not trust Mama, cried and clung, thinking we were there to drop him off. I finally pried him off of me enough to get his candy bag open so they could drop treats into them, and he gave a tearful “thank you” and “bye bye” before we moved on.
This behavior continued for a few more houses, Michael only loosening up in that he would hold the bag open as best he could with one hand while the other clung to me for dear life. Then he caught on. At the next couple houses, Michael was able to approach the door and mutter something that sounded vaguely like “ti teet” and “tank ou” when he got candy. I thought he was getting the hang of this stuff. He was so cute, though, that his bag was getting heavy from all the extra candy people gave him. I tried to adjust his hold of the bag (hold it by the neck rather than the drawstring), and all hell broke loose. The next several houses involved him getting upset because he couldn’t open the little choked off candy bag, and mad as can be when I touched the bag to try to help. The last few houses to which we carried Michael, he was being carried by Grant, screaming to walk on his own, crying when put down, angry when his bag was touched, anxious to eat all the treats at once, and generally a big, adorable grump. He loathed the stroller, refused to walk, and was angry when we carried him. We were quite relieved when a potty emergency on Megan’s part forced us back to the house.
Once home again, we got Megan prepared for a few last houses of trick-or-treating and we dressed Michael for breathing treatment and bed. Grant said that I should take Megan to the last few houses; he is always her preferred parent, and he thought it would be an opportunity for bonding between the two of us. Hmmph. Indeed.
Megan and I took off for a house across the street. She held my hand until we got into the yard, then pointed to an invisible line in the grass, about 50 feet from the front door. “Do NOT come past here. I am going up there alone. I am a big girl, and I can do this myself.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or yell, but I chose to wait. She got a bit bolder at each of the next houses, ordering me to “not come up the stairs” and asking each homeowner for extras for her brother who was at home.
In the end, her bag was as full as we would allow, and we headed home. She has asked to go trick-or-treating each day since then, but I think she’s starting to realize it’s over for now…

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