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Growth ‘xplosions

We often talk about “splosions” at our house, generally to describe what must have happened to one of the kids’ posteriors to create such a mess in the diaper and clothes to clean up. Lately, though, we’ve been having ‘xplosions of the growth kind, which are awesome. Here are some of the details:
- Megan is potty trained! We are still putting her in pull-ups for nap and bed, but that shall pass, too.
- Michael is using more words and signs each day! “Book” and “ball” sound an awful lot alike, but with context, you can figure it out. He says “done” when forced, “up,” and “down.” He has many expressive words- “yeah!” and “wow!” and “woo hoo” included. He’s trying more, which is the best part. And oh! He asks for tickles with the sign and saying “tickle” the best he can. Ask him to show his belly, and he’ll show it to you and either say “poke” or “tickle.” He loves being tickled!
- Megan is now able to pedal on her tricycle! This is huge. She’s been working on it, off and on, since her 2nd birthday. It’s just been in the last few weeks that the pedaling (what a funny word- sorry if it’s misspelled) has taken off. She spent 40 minutes or so working on it one day, just so she’d be ready to show her daddy. She’d been able to go backward forever, but going forward is something her body wouldn’t cooperate with her on doing. The timing was such that it felt like potty training and pedaling arrived in one beautiful package, as if from the UPS man.
- Michael is s l o w l y learning to put himself to bed at night. We have to work with him a while to get him to stay in his bed, then in his room, but in the end, he is going to sleep without a parent’s arm draped over him, holding him down. This hasn’t occurred with naptime yet, but it will, I know it! He really has had us (especially me!) by the short and curlies on this; we’ve not done a good job of establishing a bedtime routine which allows him to go to bed on his own up to this point. He never was a baby who nursed to sleep; he just had to cuddle. That’s all well and good, but it won’t make for the independent boy we all want him to be!
- BOTH kids are learning more and more how to play with each other every day. They’re finally reaching the age where they can play on more equal terms. It’s not just Megan that I’m chastising for taking toys anymore, and it’s not just Michael that I’m asking not to whine about toys he doesn’t have. The kids are sharing more, communicating more, cooperating more, and arguing more. I love it all. They’re learning to relate to each other and learning to take charge- which they both do, beautifully. These are the best days, and it’s only going to get better!

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