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What does that spell?

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

While Michael is working on talking and recognizing letters and numbers, Megan has moved into reading. This is so wonderful and so tragic, all at once! We’d already lost using code words and basic Spanish; she picked up on it yaers ago and is way too smart for us. Now, gone are the days of spelling words near her; she’s often able to sound them out, and we’re done for.

There is some fun to it. I have a childhood memory of being in the my parents’ big red van and reading the signs, billboards, and words on the cars and trucks passing. I remember being amazed as the jumbles of letters started to make sense, and I know I pestered my parents to help me read the hard words. They were patient with me, and that memory helps me be patient with Megan. She’s got the basics down; she’s been able to read signs for her favorite stops (Publix, Target, Starbucks, etc.) for YEARS now, and she and Michael have long enjoyed pointing out “Stop” signs. But now she’s reading almost all street signs and is finding new words to read every few minutes.

At home, she’s been reading beginner books and some books that are favorites for her. It’s a delight to have her read words off the page to us, and I can’t begin to tell you how sweet it is when she reads to her brother. With her reading, of course, comes her writing. She writes simple but beautiful little love notes to us; every now and then she writes backwards, misspells, or makes another little error. It makes her message even better! It’s a reminder of how far she’s come and how far she’ll go.

This learning stuff is sometimes a little hard for us to swallow, but it’s truly getting better every day!

Michael’s Growing Language Skills

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Michael’s language explosion continues like the BP oil spill. It’s been wonderful. Friends and family continue to be amazed by his expressiveness and the emergence of the thoughts that’ve been floating around in his head for so very long. For example, during a recent music class, the teacher had us dance to James Taylor’s “How Sweet it is to Be Loved by You.” Michael, ever eager to chat with his favorite teacher while dancing, said “That’s a question!” She was so impressed!

Beyond Michael sharing his insights, he’s also shared more of his sense of humor. His is a wicked sense of humor, true to the genetics passed on to him from both sides of the family. He and Megan constantly exchange “knock-knock” jokes. They make the jokes up themselves and are pretty terrible, but it makes the kids happy. Michael’s jokes tend to be something like:
M: Knock knock!
V: Who’s there?
M: Orange
V: Orange who?
M: Orange you!
To which Megan usually says “Ha ha ha, Very Funny.”

Lately, Michael’s gotten the best reaction with his “truck” joke. It’s mostly the same:
M: Knock Knock!
V: Who’s There?
M: Truck!
V: Truck who?
M: Truck you!
My mother nearly DIED when he told her this one. Why? Well, Michael is still having some pronunciation issues. He pronounces the “tr” in “truck” as an “f.” Go ahead. Go re-read and replace the words above, and you’ll understand Mom’s reaction.
This is actually one of our favorite things. We get him to say “firetruck” and “dumptruck” fairly regularly, but the largest giggles really come when the word sneaks out because he gets excited about a “pick-up truck” or, at Disney World, when he saw a “flying truck.” I love it!

Michael also leaves out the “l” in “flag.” The other day, he got excited about all the flags on trucks. I nearly had to pull over from laughing so hard.

We enjoy all these mispronunciations while we can get them now. After all, “tephants” have become “elephants” and Michael is even sometimes saying “Bullseye” instead of “Cullseye.” Pretty soon, trucks will just be trucks again, and we’ll have to cry. For now though- Mother Trucker!!