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The Girl

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Megan is giving us fits of trouble these days. She’s developed a terrible lying habit. And they’re not even good, logical lies. She’ll walk past the bathroom and then tell us she brushed her teeth. She’ll tell us she’s washed her hands AND used soap when her hands are bone dry and we know no water has been run. She’ll tell us she’s put her shoes away while we’re staring at them in the midst of the kitchen floor. It’s so wierd! She’s an intelligent, capable child. She understands what we’re asking and what the consequences are for not telling the truth. Despite it all, she continues lying. Is this a phase? Shall this, too, pass? I keep hoping it will…

The Boy

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Michael has a problem sleeping. Actually, he has a problem falling asleep. He can only do it with me in the room. I’ve worked and worked on this, trying all I can to be away from him when he falls asleep. We have now progressed to the point that I lay in the hall outside his room with hsi door open until he falls aleep.

Tonight, while I lay uncomfortably on the floor outside his room, playing my 625th game of Sudoku while waiting for his soft snores to begin, I became more and more upset with myself and the situation. When Grant came upstairs, went inside our room, and shut the door, causing Michael to react, I yelled at the poor child and told him to stay in his bed, that I was still on the floor. I lay there, wondering when this would end. It seems like Megan was going to bed pretty much on her own by age 2 1/2, though they’re both such different children that it’s hard to really compare them. So, how do I progress out of this? Work a couple inches away from him each night until I’ve achieved freedom? Will I still be having to lie outside his bedroom door when he’s in kindergarten? Will he never get to go to sleepovers because he can’t bring his security blanket- his mama? When he has friends over, will I have to stay in the room with them until they sleep? In high school, will he have to know I’m near? In college? When he gets married, will I have to excuse myself while he and his wife prepare for sleep, then re-enter the room? No, because he’ll never get married if he still needs his mama in the room for him to go to sleep. He’ll be one of those wierdo Bates (what was his first name?) guys who keeps my skeleton dressed in some ugly old dress so he can sleep at night.

That’s right. I’m destroying all chances for Michael to grow up and have a normal, functional life because I can’t get him to go to sleep on his own. He’ll never have a proper sleepover, a prom date, a college education. He’ll have mommy issues forever! I’m a terrible mother! How do I escape this?!?!?!?

Better go now. I have to call my mom before I can go to sleep… (just kidding. mostly.)

Swim Lessons Continuing

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Today is almost our last day of swim lessons. We have one make-up session on Saturday, and then the kids get a one week break before we start up again. I go back and forth each day as to how happy I am with the whole enchilada, but I can tell you how great some of the fillings are!

The instructors have these handy dandy noodles that they take and tie in a pretzel around the kids’ torsos. (in a pinch, they also have floaty “backpacks”) Megan and Michael have both been using these, and over the last few days, have even had some independence with them. Megan has had times both Tuesday and Wednesday where she “swam” toward the instructor with her pretzel. She’s using “shovel hands” and kicking and working to keep her head from ever touch water and slightly panicking, but she’s making progress. With more lessons, maybe she’ll approach some of that confidence and bouyancy (did I misspell that or is it just a funny lookin’ word?) that she needs to swim on her own. She’s pretty danged proud of herself, though!

Michael has been using the pretzel, but yesterday wsa the first day I was successfully prompted into letting him go. He looks like a little puppy, hands and feet going wild under the water, but he had fun, I think. He also fought to keep that head above the water, going back and forth between closed-mouth determination and laughing at the idea of what he was getting done.

Neither child likes to swim on his or her back. Grant got to see part of Megan’s lesson yesterday and saw her work on her back some, but had to leave before the teacher took her hand away from Megan’s waist and sent her into a crying fit over floating on her back on her own. The teacher did all she could to comfort her, and I did tell Megan that, if she tries, she will float on her back. I don’t look forward to watching that today. Michael cries a little, but mostly just fights me and then pulls himself inward and over to fight the whole back-floating thing. I want them to get this so bad. I know how important it could be to their little lives. I talked to Megan briefly about floating on her back if something went wrong in the pool, but I don’t think it went anywhere. Maybe I should’ve tried that life-saver program they do with the wee ones…

For now, rather than panic every time I see water, I’m just going to keep working with them, remain diligent in their safety and well-being, and look forward to watching them play several years from now and know then that they will be at least a wee bit safer… (I do love to worry, after all!)

All about Megan

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Megan turned 4 a month ago, and is already planning her 5th birthday and acting like she’s a teenager. My, how time flies!

She’s a magical creature, part precious princess, part drama queen, all talk and not quite enough listening for my own peace of mind. She’s amazing, even when she’s amazingly frustrating.

New developments? Well, this morning, in the pool, I realized she has a sprinkling of tiny blonde-colored freckles underneath her eyes. They are adorable! Speaking of the pool, according to new rules at the Y, children who cannot pass the swim test must either have an accompanying adult or wear a life jacket. Since I had both kids to myself, I made Megan wear the life jacket. I had a hard time making the choice but it was sooooo worth it. Megan was all over the kiddy pool and had a great time, and I worried less. Luckily, I also managed to force her and Michael to sort of play near each other even when they weren’t playing with each other, and when Megan hit a sticky spot and started to struggle, I was able to pull her to safety fast. (Note: the Y kid pool only goes to 3 feet, but splashing and sputtering and lack of confidence- well, you know…) She rewarded me with a “Thanks for saving me, Mom! You’re the best Mom ever!” My day was made.

Other new developments: this kids is soooo smarter than I am. It’s scary. Grant signed her up for a “Cats” class (for older kids) with The Music Playhouse in Nashville. This is serving as a supplement to the Pups class she takes with Michael. Now Grant quizzes Megan on her instruments with flash cards and tunes off the class CD, and she gets them right! She already knows more by name than I do.

Finally, it may kill us all (well, probably not, but it feels like it), but we’re working more and more on having her keep her room clean. It may even help inspire me to be a better example! I took 4 bags’ worth of toys and clothes from her room last week AND I didn’t allow Megan access to her clothes for 2 days, laying out outfits for her. Friday morning, I made her earn it back. Long story a wee bit shorter, we spent 1.5 hours in her room, me pointing and piling, her putting away. When it was over and she had all her toys and clothes back and organized, she danced for joy. She even told my parents she was proud of herself. And that made me all the prouder!

Now to go see what my little wonder child has been doing during her “quiet” time…

(Lazy?) Crazy Hazy Days of Summer…

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Today is a crazy one, people!
We started our morning with a trip to the dentist’s office. This was Megan’s second visit, Michael’s first. Megan had her teeth cleaned and even had the flouride treatment; she took it all like a pro! She asked a few questions and gave enough commentary that the hygienist was terribly impressed with her intelligence. (Like that doesn’t happen daily!) Micheal’s visit was a little rougher. As expected, he refused to open his mouth for the dentist. Eventually he did, though, and only cried a little as the dentist cleaned his teeth a bit. Both kids got to get into the treasure chest after that, though, and all was well.

We left the dentist and drove as quickly as possible to the Y for the first day of swim lessons. Michael’s lessons run 9:30 to 10:00am and Megan’s run 10:15 to 10:55, so there was rushing to be done between lessons. Michael’s lesson is a “mommy and me” lesson, so we were in the pool together. He was hesitant to get into the water, but quickly claimed a toy and followed it into the water. We practiced him getting out of the water and getting in only with permission, and he practiced kicking and grabbing for toys. We also sang some silly songs. All went well, and I had to force him out of the pool in the end.

Megan went to the pool with great joy, changing into her suit just outside the pool area. She was excited about the lesson in general and went to the pool easily enough. Then she sat down next to a child who was in the midst of a screaming attack, panicking over entering the pool. Megan gave into peer pressure and started crying, too. The mothers were ushered over to the far side of the pool for briefing, and so I gave her strict instructions to stay in the pool and listen to her teachers. I’m afraid that display might have gotten her into the “screamers” category, but no more whining or screaming occurred after the first couple minutes of class. In fact, she did a little kicking in the water and even swam with her face down! I was so proud. I saw her doing a little back work, too.

We came home and I bathed the kids and put Michael down for nap. I hear him waking now, though. Ugh. Too short a nap! Now it’s on to Megan’s Cats Music Class ( and end our day’s commitments. Tomorrow will be so boring, with only one thing on the agenda!

Other Notes on the Glewwe Babies

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Megan had her first ever dance recital on Sunday, May 3rd, at Centennial High School. It was great fun for both of us!
This is her tap costume:
I actually got to be one of the two “stage moms” for the tap dance. I loved being near the girls, and Megan, it turned out, loved having me up there with her. That made it even better. :)
This is her ballet costume, and her flowers from her fans:
This picture was actually taken right after the recital. I hope you can see the energy and joy she had in this event!

On Saturday, May 9th, Megan turned 4! The constant rain that had plagued Nashville for days let up just long enough for us to party at a local park, complete with members of the Brentwood Fire Department. Megan actually went from her party to a birthday party for a classmate, his party held at the Y. From there, she went to the Spring Fling at our church. We dragged her, Michael, and two other children home at about 7:30. By 8:02, that precious girl was fast asleep, worn out from a day of great fun. We really couldn’t have asked for a better day!

More pictures and anecdotes are forthcoming. We’ll try to do a better job of keeping in touch!

Too danged cute for words

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I left Michael’s room at 8:30pm, his soft snores following me across the hall. Within minutes, he was awake and chased me into my room. I told him to go back to his bed, that I had too much to do and couldn’t sleep with him all night. (criticize me all you want- I won’t read it anyway!)
Fast forward 1.5 hours. Grant is finally home, and we’re headed up to bed. Michael has been quiet for almost an hour, so I’m confident he’s asleep. I go in his room to check on him. He’s not in his bed. He’s not in his room. He’s not in our bed. I did hear Megan at one point… her door is locked! Grant!!! He unlocks the door and finds two lumps in Megan’s bed. Check out my sweet babies!