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Cheekwood/ Art Observations

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

We had a couple decent hours of weather in early January, so I whisked the kids off to Cheekwood. The three of us had an awesome time!

Toward the end of our adventure, we ended up on the sculpture trail. Megan saw these:



Megan’s comment? “Mama, that’s not art. I think a playground broke and they’re working on fixing it. See? There’s the slide!”

Terrible Threes?

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Megan got a mind of her own. She wasn’t too hard to handle when she was two. At three, she is starting a downhill slide that we are trying to head off ASAP. Sandra gets a lot more of the ignored requests than I do since she is home all day, but even her teachers at school have said she was being a problem during quiet time. She has gotten time outs at school twice for not cleaning up and talking during quiet time. At home, she ignores our directives to clean up until we escalate to timeout or other punitive action. Sometimes it is tough being the adult. Calm. Serenity. Patience. I don’t have a quick temper, but she vexes me sometimes as well. She has even gotten to her Nana a couple of times using a loud voice at the dinner table even after repeated admonitions. I know this too will pass. A gentle hand and a firm voice will prevail, but I would like it to prevail sooner than later.

Pump It Up!

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

We’ve been going to Pump It Up in Cool Springs for well over a year now. Megan is master of all the inflatables, but Michael by and large has been too small for them. This past Tuesday, he began his ascendency. We started at the 2nd inflatable on the left side. He went up the wall over and over and down the slide with a bit of help from Dad. His legs are not quite long enough yet to stand one one foot support and get his foot on the next comfortable. Dad added some intermediate supports with his hands. After a dozen or so climbs, he reluctantly was moved to the two-sided slide with the ladder-ramp in the middle. He climbed that one without problem while his sister cheered him on and his mother worried saying “Aren’t you going to spot him?!?” Well, no, I wasn’t. He loved that one two. With even more help, he went through the obstacle course on the right side. Sandra got a good workout helping him on that one. I think he will hit mastery of all before Megan did.

Once I was a 01000100 01000001 01000100 01000100 01011001…

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

When Megan was wee lass, I got my Geek Dad shirt for Father’s day. A friend’s post about their son led me back to where the shirt came from and they had this lovely story:

¬†And baby makes 11…

Here’s a little story… When a 010011010100111101001101 and 010001000100000101000100 love each other very much, sometimes they show how much they love each other by having 010100110100010101011000. (That one’s a long story and if you need more info on that, you shouldn’t be on this web site!) After about 1001 months, a 010010110100100101000100 comes out of the tummy of 010011010100111101001101. Then the 010011010100111101001101 and 010001000100000101000100 and their brand new 010010110100100101000100 live happily ever after… most of the time.