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Temporary Break

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

We will be blogging again soon! We are in WALT DISNEY WORLD! And we have had limited internet access. Oh, the pictures and stories are coming!! Don’t you worry!

Megan’s First Eclipse

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Last night we allowed Megan to stay up WAY past her bedtime so she could witness the lunar eclipse. She and Grant discussed the goings on while I grabbed a quick shower, and when I joined them, she was ready to tell me all she could. Of course, I think she knows about as much about eclipses now as I do about C++, but there’s at least some hope for her.
MY favorite part was when we called the aunt and grandparents and she told them what she was doing. While she was cementing the name of the occurrence in her brain, she called it a “moonar eclipse,” a “lumar eclipse,” and finally a “lunar eclipse.” It’s so much fun hearing her work it all out!
I just told her she could watch Little Einsteins while I gather recyclables. I’d better go deliver; she’s already counting down!

Crossing Our Fingers

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Megan has decided to take potty training to the next level. Last night, she stripped down for bath and then said she’d like to sit on the potty. She retrieved her seat from our bathroom, sat down, and IMMEDIATELY “tinkled.” She was delighted, as was I! I sent her to tell her daddy and there were soon calls to grandmothers to report the news. (She wouldn’t tell Papa, and I’m sure Grandpa only found out because he was with Nana. She’s funny about that, bless her.) Megan had been asking about wearing big girl panties earlier, and I had told her she couldn’t wear big girl panties until she used the potty. Well, as soon as she was done with the initial celebrating, she donned some panties and pants! We let her run around the house for a while and celebrate before we tossed her into the tub. We weren’t brave enough to allow her to wear big girl panties to bed, but we did allow her to wear pull-ups.
This morning, Megan pulled her pull-up iff and jumped through the shower with Grant. After getting out, she went straight into her room and got out big girl panties to wear for the day. It’s 9:00 and she’s still wearing them- no accidents yet! I’ve made her visit the potty a few times, so here’s hoping!
On a side note, when Megan took off her undies last night, I asked her to put them in the laundry bin. She immediately got defensive over this request:”No Mama. I didn’t tinkle or poop in them. They aren’t dirty. We don’t have to wash them!” I had to explain that big girl panties were like any article of clothes; after we wear them, they go into the laundry. She’s so funny about some things!
Wish us luck and dry couches as we progress through our morning!

Daddy- Son Matching Party

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Grant came home with a new shirt one day, and I chastised him as soon as I saw it. “Why did you buy a second of that shirt?” He denied owning the pattern already, and we argued about it for a while before it hit me: Michael had a onesie in the same pattern. Well, any time Grant dons the shirt, I try to put Michael in the onesie. I think it’s hilarious. We’re not ones for matching outfits, but I am one to give my husband grief! Here’s a picture of the boys together:


Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

We woke up this morning to cold weather and a perky almost-three-year-old. I covered my head with the blanket, but Grant and Megan found me anyway, so I got out of bed.
Grant told Megan that when he was finished with gaming last night, the rain on his car was frozen. Hmmm… if only it would snow. Then we went to the living room. A burst of wind blew what looked like a couple handfuls of snow past the window. I started paying attention. THEN I saw that Williamson County Schools were out. That just plain confused me, but I was happy for my teaching girlfriends. Then things got a little more fun.
Little tiny hints of snow, more like dandruff flakes than anything to hope for, started falling. The driveway took on a slightly whiter shade as Grant installed a light in our foyer. White began to appear amidst the green in the grass, and big fluffy snowflakes began dancing wildly outside our front windows. Megan could barely eat breakfast, she was so excited. Even Michael, always so busy, took some time to sit in his chair and watch the snow fall.
Once the snow slowed down, I bundled the children and headed out. Here are some pictures of our adventures:
Michael fell down immediately, but got up quickly again. By the time we came inside he was covered with snow, twigs, leaves, and dirt. But he wasn’t the least bit upset, either.
We bought this toddler sled at the local Ace Hardware; it even has a buckle! Megan didn’t want to ride in it, but she was quite willing to pull her brother.
I worked on teaching Megan how to make a snowball. Michael had to try it out, too.
We’ll eat lunch shortly and then head out once more before nap. Woo hoo, a good nap is in store today, I’m sure!

A House Divided

Monday, February 11th, 2008

We are living in a house divided; there are two morning people and two normal people. Many a morning comes that Megan runs into our room and greets us with “The sun is up!” in her loudest voice. Grant gets up immediately and she and he get up and shower if need be, then head off to the kitchen to have breakfast and sing songs about happy days to come. Sometimes I can successfully play dead until they are out of the room and snooze a bit more, but Grant has encouraged Megan to wake me with kisses on my cheek, so now I get direct hits from her sweetness. It’s terrible.

Michael, thankfully, is not a morning person. Even once his eyes are open, he will lie on his belly and wish the morning sun away. This morning, for example, I went to check on him and could tell he was awake by the movement on the monitor. When I went to his room, however, I had to get down to his face level and ask if he wanted out of the crib. He reluctantly agreed. I kept the room dark while I started to change his diaper to allow him some peace, but Perky Girl invaded, turning the light on and greeting him in a loud, happy voice. By the look on his face, I think he threw up in his mouth a little bit.

The kids are now dressed, playing in the living room. Michael is sitting amidst the toys Megan has gathered for him, shooing her away and grunting while she sings songs and plays all around him. Poor kid. I know just what he’s going through.

Naptime Victory Declared

Monday, February 11th, 2008

We’ve now successfully gotten Michael to sleep on the floor in his room for nap for 7 days. I declare this to be his new nap routine, and I declare it to be a good thing! I get Megan into her room, then he and I lie down on a makeshift bed of blanket and pillow on the floor. I hold an arm over him if need be, and he eventually falls asleep. I then cover him up and sneak out, closing his door quietly and moving to another room before I do a quiet version of the victory dance.

The good and bad news of this is that Grant, too, has successfully gotten him to sleep. That’s good because Grant can achieve getting both kids down for nap, bad because it means he’s less in awe of my abilities now, and that makes me sad.

One more note. Yesterday was the first time Grant got both kids down for naps while I was out. When I came home,we sat down to play a few hands of Phase 10. Megan woke from her nap first and came out to greet us. She then informed us that she had checked on Michael and he was still asleep. This sent us both into a mild state of panic, and we asked her to clarify HOW she had checked on him. The short version of that answer is that she had opened his door and looked at him. The end of her not-so-short answer was that “I left his door open so he can come out. He likes it that way.” Hilarious! I went back and confirmed; she was right on all accounts!

This and That

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Our laptop is on strike, and it’s hard to get downstairs to blog on a regular basis, but here’s a little information on what’s going on in our lives:

- Megan is still not potty trained. She had gotten to the point that she refused to even sit on the potty, even when we knew things were happening. There seemed to be some mental block, some fear that would send her into near-hysterics over it all. But she’s dressing herself now and hates having her diaper changed and wants puul-ups, even panties. So now I’m having her just sit on the potty a few times a day for a few minutes, and she gets a pull-up as a reward. I’m trying to not focus on whether anything goes into the potty or not. We just go through the motions. She’s such a smart, capable kid; I just wish we knew how to get over this hump!

- Michael is NOT afraid of the toilet. Instead, he’s fascinated by it. I have found him playing in the toilet several times already, and he’s put a sippy cup and a shoe in so far. I keep doors closed so he can’t get in, but he has a big sister who will open them for him when he asks.

- I’m not sure how Michael asks to get in places, but I know he and Megan communicate fairly well with each other. He’s stubborn about signs. I know the receptive language is there; I asked him to deliver a spoon to Grant the other night, and he did. And I know he can sign: in the car this morning, he fussed and fussed until I turned around at a stop light to see him sign “more.” When I asked if he wanted more snack, he nodded his head. And he says “nah” for “no” very well, and I will SWEAR to you that he declared “mine!” while arguing with Megan the other day. Gee, I wonder where he got that one?

- We’re making progress on Michael’s nap. For a while, he’d only nap in the car. Then he’d only nap in the car or on my or Grant’s chest. Saturday, I got him to go to sleep on the floor in the living room, and he slept about an hour. Sunday, we repeated the living room strategy and he slept about an hour and a half. Today, I’m going for the floor in his room. My plan is to build up to him napping in the toddler bed, then sleeping there. I’m not starting in the toddler bed because when Michael wakes up, he immediately stands. If you want to see what happens next, we have a tape showing Megan’s first time at it. Ask about it sometime. Pitiful. But, I’m feeling like we’ll get there! And then we’ll go to Disney and blow it all, but it’ll all work out in the end, right?