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Sasquatch: The Legacy Continues

Friday, December 21st, 2007

On Wednesday, Grant took a half day at work and we took the kids out to see Ice! at Opry Mills. To thaw the children out after the exhibit, we went walking through the adjoining mall before eating at Rainforest Cafe.
While walking through the mall, we came to the shoe store. I have been going back and forth as to whether we should buy Michael some shoes with more sole (soul? Ha!) to them for practicing walking outdoors. I went in and looked, and the prices were about $15 cheaper than mall prices, so we decided to go for it. A sales assistant came to help us measure Michael’s feet, and we started looking through the “cruiser” shoes for his size. No luck. It turns out that our little Michael’s size 6 feet are too big for baby shoes; he had to go straight to toddler shoes. A size 6! I think Megan’s first shoes were size 5, and she was a little older than he is now. Geez! At least we know he is definitely ours.

Sometimes he forgets

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Sometimes Michael forgets that he doesn’t know how to walk. These are the best moments, and one just happened. I stopped the cleaning (I’m that dedicated to the blog!) and came to tell you about it.
Michael was over by the box full of musical instruments for the kids. He was standing by it, using the lid for support. I approached the box holding a fish-shaped shaker in one hand and the Woody doll in the other. Michael’s little face lit right up! He let go of the box and reached first for the fish, then Woody. Two hands full, he balanced for a moment, then took two steps over to the box to hit both toys on the box lid. Wow!!!
Michael is certainly approaching this walking thing from a completely different perspective than Megan did, but I think he’s going to be just as pleased with the results as she was when she got started.

Poop Sleuth

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

This will be short and icky- I have to get to bed!
While Grant was in the tub with the kids tonight, I returned a call and ended up in a discussion about Christmas, et cetera, with his sister-in- law. Realizing I had abandoned my husband and babies to pruniness, I helped get them out while still on the phone. I then dropped two naked babies into Megan’s room and finished the phone call.
Fast forward about 10 minutes.
I ended the call and headed into Megan’s room to help with diapers and pajamas. No, Megan’s not potty trained. That’s a whole other post. Stay with me here. Grant tackled Michael, and I went after the girl. I picked her up, and there is evidence of poopy on her little naked bottom. Uh-oh. Grant and I go into high alert. He removes Michael from the room. I clean up Megan and diaper her, then send her to Grant for hair combing while I commence with the poop search.
Here’s the thing, people. We NEVER found the poop. Megan couldn’t even tell us when or where she pooped. Hello, things were falling out of your bottom! Where were you when this happened? She doesn’t know. Grant and I took turns. We checked closets and toy bins and beds and blankets and everywhere we could, and we found nothing. Neither child had other evidence of contact with poop on his or her person, so we finally decided there was no other poop to be found, that she was at the beginning and had poopus interruptus. This is where the prayer comes in: Dear God, Please don’t let there be poop hidden somewhere in this house. please? please? Pray it with me people. Geez. I won’t even go into how glamorous I felt as a poop sleuth…

Sweet Rolls

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

>Michael enjoys one of Papa’s Sweet RollsMy dad makes sweet rolls for special occasions. Simple bread rolls with cinnamon and raisins, they’re a Christmas tradition in our family and a favorite treat of mine. When Mom was pregnant with the twins, Dad came home to find an entire pan of these sweet rolls gone and a pregnant woman who would explain NOTHING. It’s one of my favorite stories. One of Dad’s favorite stories is that when I was about 4 years old, I set out to help him bake them and ended up telling him to go sit down, that I would finish them up.
I am delighted to say that the tradition of adoring those sweet rolls has now been passed down to the next generation. Megan got to try one the other day at my parents’ house, and she was sold! My parents sent a package home with me for us to have at breakfast the next day. That next morning, as we were getting into the van to leave, Megan saw what I had and, with sheer delight in her voice, asked “Is that one of Papa’s rolls?” She thanked me for bringing it and didn’t speak again until that roll was nothing but a memory to her. Later, at lunch, I found one with fewer raisins which were easier to pick out. I tore it in half and handed it to Michael, and he was delighted! There was lots of “mmmm!” and NO part of that roll was ever seen again. That’s amazing for my little messy boy!
This is a dream come true for me. I love that I am able to share this part of my childhood with my babies, and that they love their Papa’s rolls almost as much as they love him. I love knowing that the legacy of those rolls and the love with which they are made is now being passed on to the next generation. It’s a great start to this Christmas season!

Sesame Street

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Grant moved the larger tv from our room to the living room to help out the babysitters (aka grandparents), and the kids couldn’t be happier. This morning, one or both kids decided the “new” tv must be thoroughly checked out. I came in the room to find one baby flipping channels at the tv base while the other played with the volume. I tried distractions, but finally turned on Sesame Street for the kids to watch. This was Megan’s 2nd, maybe 3rd exposure to the show, though she already knows some of the characters (you’d have to be in a coma to fully avoid Elmo, after all). It was Michael’s first shot at the show. They both loved it. For a while, I was actually able to put both kids and their cups into the recliner, and they cuddled and watched it together. I tried to get a photo of it, but introducing the camera pretty much ruined the picture, as usual. Michael came and went, but Megan was pretty much glued to the show for the hour, and asked to watch it again. I’ll have to work on doing that once a week or so for them.

Meg E Moo (meggie moo)

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

When Megan was little, Sandra would call our little milk-drinking girl “Meggie Moo.” As she has grown, I’ve tried to discourage the name, but Sandra likes it, Megan doesn’t seem to mind (yet), and so it continues. As Megan ran, jumped, climbed, and slid at the Pump It Up inflatables place, Sandra called her Meggie Moo. Grace picked it up in a heartbeat and called her Meggie Moo too. Now I doubt it will stick in the brain of a three year old, but it just might. Boy, Sandra will be sorry if Megan gets this nickname for life….

 Here are a couple of camera phone pictures from our first trip (no Grace) to Pump It Up:


Gone All Day, and Nothing to Show for it

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

It’s been a busy busy Tuesday for Sandra and the Glewwe Babies! Our morning started out with a trip to Opry Mills and Opryland Hotel with Aunt Abby and Great Aunt Eloise and little Mary Ann. We met at the mall and walked to the hotel, where Megan got to walk a bit and all enjoyed the decorations. Michael, overwhelmed by the holiday spirit, napped as we headed back to the mall. We shopped a bit, then Michael woke up just in time for us to eat lunch at Macaroni Grill (he’s a smart one, that boy!). After lunch, we shopped a bit more while Michael napped a bit more, then we parted ways with the aunts and headed to the zoo. This was at about 2:00pm, well past Megan’s naptime. Generally, I hold her naptime sacred. Today, however, I lost track of time in the mall AND the high was 76 degrees. I felt it would be completely wrong for me, as her mother, to deny her a trip to the zoo on such a gorgeous day.
We spent just over an hour at the zoo (winter hours- they close at 4), then headed by Mima’s and Papa’s to drop off goodies for Mima’s work and make a pit stop- diaper changes, hand washes, snacks, and a bit of spoiling by the grandparents. Megan followed Mima around the house and caused trouble with her while Michael played with Papa. I found them giggling over nutcrackers while sharing graham cracker sticks; I didn’t ask for the joke to be explained.
We left the grandparents’ house and headed for home. By now, it was dark. Michael seemed to find new energy in the back seat (must’ve been the crackers), but Megan fell asleep as we approached our house. We were all tired; even my poor phone had to be plugged into the car charger! An accident near our house made it difficult for Grant to get to the house, so I ran by the house and refilled Michael’s cup, then we all met at Sonic for dinner. Megan woke up happy at Sonic, and we ate quickly as we discussed the next event: family night at Pump it Up! Grant had arranged for a friend of Megan’s to join us, so we headed over to meet her and her daddy. I made a quick stop at Target to get socks with grippies at the bottom for the kids and met them there. There’s a story there, but just know that each child had socks with grippies, and fun was had by all. Even Michael enjoyed a little bit of it, though he’s not as enthusiastic about the bouncing and sliding as the girls- yet. We came home and poured two tired babies into bed with promises of bath in the morning, and soon I will be asleep, too. All of these wonderful adventures with all of these wonderful people- and I forgot my camera! Augh! And I don’t dare repeat it tomorrow, just for some photos…


Monday, December 10th, 2007

Michael has learned a few new signs and animal sounds recently, and he’s having fun saying “dat” and pointing at objects for us to name. But he’s having the most fun signing “no.”
We sign and say “no” ALL THE TIME to the poor boy, and I, in a holdover from my days working with legally blind students with severe disabilities, tend to make the sign right in front of his wee little face. Megan now signs “no” at him too, mostly when he’s throwing food on the ground. (I know it’s a slippery slope, but at least they’re both learning, right?) The other night, Michael finally got to sign “no” back.
We have a stand-alone lamp in our living room, our futile attempt to shed some light in at night. Michael was at the base of the lamp, rocking it and laughing at the way the rocking motion tossed light around the room. I put on the sternest Momma face I have and gave him a firm “no” verbally and with the sign. Michael quickly signed “no” back- pretty perfectly, in fact- and laughed at me. It was just like my teaching days: a moment of potential discipline was completely lost because, even in turning my head, I couldn’t hide my laugh. He knew he had won. I tried to pull it together and sign “no” again, but he just laughed and signed back at me. He’s now signing and giggling at us on a pretty regular basis.

Kiss Her Head!

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Friends of our have just started down the “helmet to correct plagiocephaly road” today. It seems so long ago that we went through this with our little girl, and in retrospect, it was nothing. Of course, in the moment, it was hard to bear at first. Megan never minded the helmet at all, and no doubt it protected her from some bumps she would have otherwise gotten. The thing I remeber missing the most was kissing the top of her head. The helmet came off once a day for one hour to wash her hair and let it dry again. Seems like there were two other “short” breaks to clean the helmet as well, but it was never enough. I would spend much of the “no helmet” time kissing her on the head. Now I kiss her head whenever I want! The first picture is the week she got it (happy as can be), the second picture is right after she got rid of it at the end of March 2006, and the third is our darling girl with her brother just a few days ago.

 justgotit.jpg  flowers.jpg  christmas2007.jpg

New Word!

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Michael now says Mama! He’s doing it very clearly, too. Just now, he said “Mama,” and when I turned around, he signed “all done.” I told him I’d get him down in just a minute, but he repeated the “Mama” and the sign several more times until I got him down from his chair.