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Gates to heaven?

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Well, we’ve hit another terrible milestone around here: Megan can now open the step-on gates. The gates state that they’re only good for children 6 to 24 months of age, but a girl can hope, right? Megan and her buddies have been trying to get through the gates for some time, but they’ve never been heavy enough. Today, I was out in the garage cleaning out the car while the kids were “locked” in the den, watching Dora. Our friends stopped by, and I opened the garage door to greet them. Next thing I know, Megan is by my side, and Michael is crawling down the hall, wearing a small piece of paper he’s obviously been eating like a little stick-on beard. But that’s for another time. I thought I had just been negligent, and I chastised myself and we got the kids corraled back into the gated area. They left. A few minutes later, I was talking to Grant on the phone and was walking in to check on the kids when I SAW Megan standing on the step part of the gate, grinning and pulling the gate toward herself. And when she knew she’d been caught, she just beamed more! To prove one last time that she could open the gate, she closed it before we left and opened it again. Oh, boy!

More Witticisms by Moo

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

We picked up my sister from work today and came home for lunch. As we’re sitting and eating, the conversation somehow turned to the need for increased consumption of yogurt while one is on antibiotics. I made the comment “Even when Megan is on antibiotics, I put her on increased yogurt.” Megan looked at me and with a straight face said “I’m not putting on yogurt! That’s weird!”
As she (and I) would say, “that is too funny!”

Big Stuff

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Michael will turn one this Wednesday, November 28th. We celebrated his birthday this past Saturday at a party at our house with several friends and family members. The house was ready to burst at the seams; we are blessed!
So, what is Michael doing to prepare for his birthday? He now signs “more” and claps for himself when he does something well, or right, or at all. He also claps for Megan; they are each other’s best cheerleaders! He feeds himself most of the time (throwing food off the tray when he’s sick of it- we’re working on that), tells us when he’s “all done,” and Grant thinks he even signed “bath” the other day. The boy loves his bath. Oh- and one more sign: last night, at Grant’s parents’ house, he signed “tree”!
Michael saved some of his best tricks for his birthday party, though. We had bought a Costco cake (another blog entry in itself, I should think) to share, but I made a tiny little spice cake for him. We made it in a ramekin and cut it in half so that we could make him a little layer cake. Once completed, the cake stood about 4 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter. Michael had to be forced to put his finger in to taste it initially, but once he discovered it wasn’t disgusting, he got into it. He ate the WHOLE thing, his grandmothers sitting next to him, encouraging him every bite of the way.
We opened gifts after cake, and I do mean “we.” I had a tiny bit of help from Michael, but we also had a small gaggle of 3-year-old girls who helped. Once that was cleared and the cleanup began, Audrey took Michael’s fingers and led him for yet another walk around the house (a favorite pasttime for him: he grabs at your hands until you’re ready to go, and he keeps you busy for a while). She then aimed him at Grant, made sure he was balanced, and sent him to take his first 3 steps to his daddy. It was FANTASTIC!! We were able to duplicate it twice more, but by the time the camera came out, he was done. He hasn’t walked since then, but we know it’s coming!

Sit… and Spin.

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

We have a Sit-and-Spin that I bought at a consignment sale for about $2. I had bought it for Megan, but she hasn’t quite figured it out yet, I was cleaning around it today, hoping that Michael might get more play from it than she has. Well, he is doing that right now, though not like I would have thought.
We are downstairs, and I am letting Michael play while Grant gets Megan put to bed. Michael has a small green ball, about 4″ in diameter, that he’s been rolling around downstairs. He just crawled up, ball in hand, to the sit-and-spin. He placed the ball on the toy and started spiining it! It’s adorable! He’s been sitting at the toy for the last several minutes, spinning the toy around and giving the ball a ride. I love the creativity of it all!

Thump from the Living Room

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

As we were cleaning, we heard a thump from the living room. Sandra ran to investigate, and then she called for me to come. Michael crawled through the TV stand into the small area behind the stand. Thump! When I peered through at him, he was sitting smooshed down in the corner with one foot up on the stand.

Soup in a Shoe

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

I’m on vacation this week playing with my family. We are about to head out for the morning, but Megan prepared some food for Sandra and me. I got “corn soup” and Sandra got “tomato fish soup”. Both were served with a spoon in a pink shoe. I got the right one. What an imagination!

Nana, Nana, Gran-pa! Mima, mima, Pa-paw!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

In both of the music class open houses we went to with the kids, they features the “grandparent” song where we would chant the name of one grandparent twice and then the other grandparent once. This was repeated multiple times as a Conga.  When I took the kids, my parents came too. Megan got singled out to offer the names of all four of her grandparents for the Conga rhythm! She has since continued singing the names and adding new ones.

      Me-gan, Me-gan, Michael

was my favorite. She will also do “Da-dee, Da-dee, Ma-ma!” Sandra objected to the male before female in this one. In all others, the female name proceeds the male.

September’s Photos

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007



Tomorrow at 44 I will wake up and go to Chili’s

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

The van is in the shop for body work. The four of us are sharing the Saturn for two days. Everyone took me to work this morning. On the way, we stopped to get a couple of things at Publix. As we left the lot, Megan said “I like Chili’s.” <we were passing Chili’s across from Pei Wei - to our knowledge, she has never dined at Chili’s> As we discussed whether or not she had ever been to Chili’s, she said “Tomorrow, at 44, I will wake up and go to Chili’s.” Now Megan makes perfect sense the majority of the time. We are not concerned in the least about her language skills. She speaks in well-formed sentences that can be quite long. Her sense of time seems a little wonky sometimes though. She occasionally refers to things in the past that could not have happened such as “When Grandpa was a little baby, I held him.” <Grandpa is my dad> She even asked “Did you hold Grandpa when he was a little baby?” Of course, these baby-holding thoughts are sparked by little Mary Ann, about a month old, and Sam, about the same age. She has held Mary Ann twice, and was quite careful. Sandra could never have let a toddler hold Megan, and probably not Michael either (although she did let a relative stranger hold Michael for 30 minutes at a party last New Year’s Day at a friends house - oh  what a relief to have the one month old off of her chest for a bit). Forty-four seems to be a magic number for Megan as well. Four was one of the first numbers she recognized on a regular basis (most of them are in the list now), and at some point “forty-four” entered her vocabulary. Perhaps she had heard us say a time including that number.

Adventure Science Center - 2nd D&D Dads and Daughters Dash

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Megan and I met one of my D&D friends at the Adventure Science Center  Saturday for a day of play. The other two dad with daughters couldn’t make it, but we had a good time. Andrew lugged his camera (quite a nice one), so he got some good shots. The trip was a great success. We played for about 2 1/2 hours with a brief break to eat some lunch in the Skyline room. Megan had a new first: she climbed through the red tube that goes straight up and then bends to come out by the bottom of the big blue slide. I had to help her, but she gamely tried. I don’t fit through the tube, so I helped her climb the first three bits letting her stand on my hand as a step. Then I told her to wait while I ran up to the next level. I took an exceptional long time, but she waited patiently. When I dove into the tube at the top, I found her reaching for me and saying “Help me up!” She clambered up! I was very proud. The girls played quite a bit in the science area that has an ambulance, a water area, an OR, and a few other learning things. We also rode on a little train outside. Megan is very much looking forward to Chattanooga this coming Saturday and the Creative Discovery Museum.