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I eat Mama’s candy

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Sandra just called to say that when she walked into our bedroom, Megan was sitting on the bed saying “I’m eating!” while patting her tummy. Then Sandra realized she was eating chocolate. She asked Megan where she got it. Megan pointed to the “princess box” that Sandra keeps on her bedside table. It has a picture on the lid of Sandra with two Disney Princesses that we took at Downtown Disney years ago. I had slid the bar of Hershey’s Cacao Reserve in there a few days ago. Sandra didn’t know it was there. Megan couldn’t have known it was there. Sandra says she hasn’t touched the box in months. What made her open it? Could she smell the chocolate? Is she psychic? Does she have chocolate-dar?

She is amazing!

Putting them both to bed

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Sandra had Sunday School Teacher Orientation last night at the church, so I had the kids from 6:20pm on. We had a wonderful time; we had music class, played with cards, talked to Nana and Granpa, talked to Papa and Mima, read stories, and finally I put Megan into bed. I told her I needed to take care of Michael. She went right to sleep at about 7:55pm. I took Michael to his room, closed the door so it would be dark, and swayed him to sleep in my arms. When I put him down, he woke and cried as I exited the room. The next 10 minutes was the longest as I listened and watched him cry out his indignation. I slipped back into his room, lifted him from the crib, and he quieted immediately. He snuggled into my shoulder and drifted off to sleep as I rocked him in the glider. His initial sleep was punctuated with the leftover gasps of crying, but when Sandra arrived home at quarter after eight, he was sound asleep in his crib again.

Both kids slept until 5:30 when Megan woke up crying. Her screams woke her brother. She was crying “I want my chips!” (last night at 3am it was “I want my chocolate milk back!”) Sandra comforted Michael, and just as she was putting him back down, Megan was headed back to bed. She heard him and wanted to go see him. She met Sandra in the hall as she was coming from the nursery, and she started to cry again when she was told she “no” to going into see Michael. A few more minutes in the recliner relaxed her again, and she was back asleep by 10 til 6. She slept another hour and Michael was still asleep when I left for work at 7:25.

Putting herself to bed

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

We had a banner day last night for Megan! After dinner and the evening with my parents, I drove the children home. Michael went happily to his mama while I got Megan’s teeth brushed and gave her a cup of water. She had already put her water in her room, and I gave her the chance to kiss Mama and Michael good night (a standard ritual). I told her to head back to her room while I followed closely behind. She darted in, turned on the light, and closed the door before I could get in. I decided to walk to our room, lay down and read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows until she hollered for me. She was pulling out toys, playing, climbing onto the blanket chest, and having no end of fun. After about 15 minutes, she crawled into bed, laid her head down, and was asleep in about 5 to 8 minutes. I was so proud of her! She slept through the night (almost). She did wake briefly to cry and tell me she wanted her chocolate milk at about 3am. I stroked her hair and she fell back asleep until six. She came to wake me at six and we went to the kitchen together to eat a couple of pretzels, bake a cake, make a smoothie, and wait for Michael and Mama to wake up.

My big girl is growing up!

Disney Store

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Occasionally we go to the Disney Store in Cool Springs Mall on the way to Williams Sonoma. We got a nice picture with my phone last week:


Birthday Party Slide! Bouncer…

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Megan attended the birthday party for one-year old Hallie Sheffield this weekend. She was delighted by the Little Tikes inflatable slide in the backyard. Another guest, 5-year old Amy, took Megan in hand and helped her in and out of the bouncer, led her to look at the dogs from a safe distance, and lots of other great help. We so appreciated Amy!


Necessity is a mother, indeed.

Monday, August 27th, 2007

We made a quick trip this morning to my favorite Franklin store, The Quilting Squares. Not only are the ladies there incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, but they are all wonderful to my kids, and that makes life MUCH easier for me. There is a little rug by the front of the store in the center of the floor, and Megan knows she may eat one piece of chocolate (they keep a stock by the cash register) if she stays on that rug while she eats and lets whoever is nearby clean her up. This morning, Kay helped her out. As we were leaving the store, Kay offered Megan one more Hershey’s kiss, telling her she was to take it home and eat it after lunch.

Megan carried the kiss to the van and then turned it over to me for safekeeping until we got home. Once we got home, I made sure the kiss got upstairs in a bag of groceries, then put it on the baking center just out of Megan’s reach. I put Michael on the floor to play for a minute and headed back to use the restroom. That’s when I heard the first signs of trouble.

I could hear Megan making little grunting sounds of effort, walking in the back of the house. I was frozen in terror, picturing Megan hauling Michael around the back of the house. Then I realized that couldn’t happen, and I relaxed a bit.

I came out of the back of the house to hear Megan telling Michael she would share something with him. I was happy to hear this, until I saw she was letting him play with the kiss! I was starting to think I really had birthed Stretch Armstrong, but then I looked over and all questions were answered. Megan had gone back to the nursery and carried the stool from the nursery, through the gate, to the kitchen. Once there, she had placed it against the baking center, climbed it, and retrieved the kiss.

I put the kiss on her lunch plate and just decided to be grateful it had made it that far.

Big Kid Foods - A Meal Together at Last

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

We just all had a meal together and ate basically the same thing. I mashed potatoes with a little chicken broth. Then the potatoes divided: Sandra and I got them as is (but added margarine on our plates), Megan got a little milk added to hers with Steamfresh Green Peas mixed in, and Michael got peas added to his and then further mashed. The eldest three also had chicken and broccoli. Michael enjoyed his “table food”, but he seemed to be sorting the peas out of the potatoes in his mouth. We actually all got to sit down and eat at the same time; at least, for a short while, we were all sitting and chewing together. How unusual! Michael is now up to 3 teeth.

Hot August Pictures!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

This August has been quite hot! Whew! Megan has been forced to stay inside most of the time. We did finally get to the park Sunday morning. We went at 6:30am so it wouldn’t be too hot. We played for about an hour and a half before Sandra and Michael picked us up at River Park.

Michael likes to watch his sisters “birds.” Fisher-Price has discontinued this great soother, but I am trying to acquire a used one from eBay.


 We purchased a Pooh-Mobile from Costco for Michael. Megan loves it too!



We picked up a rocking horse for Megan at a consignment sale. She calls him “molasses.” Squeezing the left ear causes him to whinny.


Michael is making good use of a hand-me-down toy from Savannah that Megan played with too. Here you see him playing with a couple of Megan’s blocks as well.


Of course, Megan plays happily with toys really meant for Michael:


Megan has started “hiding” more. We are trying to discourage it, but it tends to be pretty cute.


 Mima and Papa returned from Alaska recently and brought the kids “bear” shirts.


Music Class!

Monday, August 20th, 2007

We can’t say enough good things about The Music Class. The Nashville Director Rachel happens to teach the class to which we take the kids. She is wonderful! While Megan started the summer session quite shy, she is now enthusiastically going to Rachel for Tonal & Rhythm pattern reflection, good-bye hugs, and amazingly enough, hand (and tummy) stamps. Michael too loves Music Class. Our summer session was “The Dolphin Collection” and we will be starting “The Lion Collection” the weekend after Labor Day. We took the kids to a couple of the open houses that The Music Class sponsors to introduce their format to prospective students and parents. Of course, assuming there is room, they will let you schedule a free trial class during a regularly scheduled session. Megan progressed so much over the summer. We hope she will continue to grow in her love of music and rhythm!


Chuck E Cheese

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Megan’s friend Grace turns three in a few weeks, and she is having her party at Chuck E Cheese. We took Megan by for a dry run.  We saw Chuck right after entering. As expected, my right leg was suddenly 30 pounds heavier and a small voice was saying “Hold me!” emphatically. She finally waved good-bye after I shook his hand. She loved the games and such. She watched a little of the animatronics, but we were sitting far away.I’m really hoping the fear of costumed characters fades soon. I don’t want her infecting her brother. We are taking them to Disneyworld at the end of February. There is plenty to do without Mickey, Minnie, and the guys, but I hardly want a toddler climbing me every time we see a Character.