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Entertaining Herself

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Grant just left for his Tuesday night gaming night- except that it’s now on Thursday. Ugh. I guess I just keep hoping it’ll change back…
Anyway, Grant left and Michael was downstairs with me getting one last cuddle until (I hope!) morning time, and Megan was left in her room, instructed to fall asleep. Grant has been allowing her to go to bed now with her door open, and when he asked her tonight if she wanted open, she replied “That’s fine.” This and “That would be great!” are the big replies now, it seems.
So, I’m listening to Megan on her monitor. She spent some time saying, “I want my blankets on!” I ignored that. Then she whined. I ignored that, too. Then, as Michael was finally beginning a soft snore on my shoulder, his little fist closed tight around a clump of my hair, I heard her start with “This little piggy.” Yep, she did it to herself. Her toes were exposed, and I could hear her saying “This little piggy went to Costco; this little piggy went to market; this little piggy went weeweewee all the way home.” So, she only accounted for 3 piggies. The other 2 don’t do anything anyway, right?

Everyone Has Fun at Music Class!

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

This is from the Mama-
My friend Sherry has been talking and talking about this music class her daughter has taken several sessions of. I had her send me a link to it several months ago and FINALLY shared the link with Grant. Megan was signed up the next day to take classes with Rachel at The Music Playhouse ( The class is a hit! Megan now sings several of the songs decently well, and we do at least some of the activities from class each day. Class involves listening to music, playing with instruments, singing, some dancing, and working on rhythm and tonal patterns. Megan OFTEN tells us “I want to sit in Rachel’s lap and say ‘Bum Bum Bum.’” She asks on a daily basis when the next class is; unfortunately, we have a two week break right now!
Don’t worry- Michael’s not left out of the loop here. All four of us attend the class, and I generally work with Michael while Grant works with Megan, though we do switch it out a few times. Michael enjoys the interraction with others that he gets in the class, and he *loves* getting to play with the instruments! He plays the bells with reckless abandon and it’s often difficult to get the sticks back away from him. He giggles during the “see saw” exercise, which I’ve modified a bit for him, and lights up when Rachel gives him the chance to repeat a pattern.
Grant and I, meanwhile, walk around with these songs stuck in our head- Augh! We both have a few we’ll admit to loving thoroughly though…

Studio Pictures

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

We just had  pictures made of the kids. We can order more if there is one you desperately want. The download is about 8 MB total (but you will see thumbnails immediately).

Trip to Atlanta

Monday, June 4th, 2007

For Memorial Day weekend, we headed down to Atlanta for the kids first duo long distance van ride. Both did great with just a bit of fussing the last hour home (sleep, cry, sleep, cry with each of them waking the other with their cries). We spent our time at the Atlanta Zoo and the new Georgia Aquarium. Prime on our list at the zoo were the pandas, but we had a happy discovery at the Willie B gorilla enclosure. Four baby gorillas were romping around with their three mothers. One of our favorite sights was a mama restraining her baby:

 Here is a nice picture of me with my kids on our third day at the zoo (I can tel l by the shirt):

 Megan wore her sunglasses a lot at the zoo. Sandra and Megan were watching the otters:


Megan spent a lot of time climbing on to statues and sculptures to “ride the range.” If you don’t know what I mean by “ride the range”, come over, lay down on the living room floor, and see how long it takes before she jumps on and calls you “molasses.”

Of course, some things are harder to figure out how to ride:


We did actually see the pandas. Sunday and Monday morning, we went at 9am when they let members in early. The baby was very playful both times. Megan got tired of the pandas easily though.

We also got to see some kangaroos!


Our other big feature of the trip was the relatively new Georgia Aquarium. We spent two afternoons at the aquarium and saw everything. Sandra would have liked to pet more of the aquatic creatures (any at all actually), but we did see beluga whales, whale sharks, sea lions, penguins, star fish, jellfish, and a host of other swimmers and crawlers beneath the waves. Michael was fascinated in the “glass” tunnel, probably by the bright lights, not the fish.

On the way in the 2nd day, Megan insisted on being carried in the “baby yorn.” She got the ride in while Michael went in the stroller:


 Here are Sandra and Michael with some tropical fish in the background:

We had a fantastic trip, and with our annual memberships to the zoo and aquarium, we are sure to visit again soon. Wanna go to the zoo with us?