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Terrible twos!

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Megan has hit those terrible twos as far as we can tell. “I don’t like it” is a common phrase now as well as the screaming, crying fit when told “no” on many subjects. We continue to work with her, and she often calms down quickly, but sometimes she has continued for fifteen or more minutes. Last week we had a trip to Home Depot to get mulch for her playground. She wanted to “drive” the van, and she ended up in her seat instead. We endured a two hour long (at least it seemed that way) trip to the Home Depot 3 miles away with a baseline of crying punctuated by “I want to drive.” Is this getting me ready for the teenage years? I doubt it. On the other hand, she is much more free with letting us know she loves us verbally, and I wouldn’t trade the moments she clings to me fiercely in the early morning when she first wakes or the late afternoon when I return from work.

Groundhog Day

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

This little guy came up on the porch and knocked on the door. Sandra decided not to open the door since we was a stranger. I’ll bet he was just selling cookies or something. Maybe he wanted to tell us winter was over. We have seen him around the past couple months. He lives down by the creek I think, but this is the second time he has come up on the porch. The concensus is that he is a groundhug (or as Rick says, a “whistle pig”).

Updated Michael Photo

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

He really does smile often:

Megan’s Day with Nana and Grampa

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Maybe my parents will post something about what they did with her, but while Michael was off to get surgery, Megan spent a whole day (about 9 hours) with Nana and Grampa. They all seemed to have a great time, but Megan was definitely in the mood for some Daddy hugs when we got home from the hospital. She was excited to leave again with them though to go to Costco about 10 minutes after we got home.

She likes to go “Riding the Range” on her horses a lot lately. My name is “Cow Dada” most of the time (shortening Cowboy Dada I think). She likes to jump over rivers (1, 2, 3! Jump!) on her horses. She also will get on one of the piggy banks to ride the range and call them “Molasses” (Tyrone’s burro in “Race to the Mississippi”). I don’t know why she doesn’t want to ride “Lightning” or “Thunder”. When she gets off (my command: “dismount”), she dances and sings “I betcha, I betcha, I betcha” (also from “Race to MS”).

Michael’s Surgery

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

We told Michael he had to have surgery. He took it in stride. We told him what surgery and took a picture:

He is doing well now (surgery happened Wednesday 4/25/07 at 11am). He actually took 6.5 hours before anesthia without food very well. He seemed a bit upset (cried lots) when we got him back an hour later, but I think it was just the weird anesthia feeling, not pain from the surgery. He slept on Mama for 45 minutes and then we took him home. He slept all the way home, and then nursed well downstairs. He might not be a 100%, but I think his parents are more concerned than he is.

“He spit on me.”

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

sglewwe( [10:46 AM]:

            M just put m in time out

Glewwe, Grant [10:46 AM]:

            What did he do?

sglewwe( [10:46 AM]:

            he didn’t comply, though- rebel

sglewwe( [10:47 AM]:

            he ate her arm- which she put by his face

sglewwe( [10:51 AM]:

            she said “you go time out! you eat arm!”

Glewwe, Grant [10:48 AM]:

            And she didn’t like it?

sglewwe( [10:49 AM]:

            I guess not; I think she didn’t like that it got slobbery. she said “he spit on me!”

Glewwe, Grant [10:50 AM]:


Unrelated picture:


Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I got this IM from Sandra while I was down eating my lunch:

sglewwe( [11:14 AM]:
     “I don’t like…bean greens. I want… different… green beans”

I  guess Megan didn’t care for the green beans we cooked for dinner the other night, and she wanted the canned green beans we give her most of the time. Saturday’s beans were PictSweet whole beans that we steamed. She sure loves those canned green beans! The title of this post was Sandra’s next IM. I too am impressed that Megan detected a difference in the food and articulated that she wanted something other than what she had on her plate.

I do it ’self!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Just a quick note while Michael is screaming—
Megan just picked out a pair of shorts and, with just a wee bit of coaching, put them on by herself! This is a big step for her, and for me, since I am often probably too impatient to give her the time to do it herself.
And no, the shorts don’t perfectly match the top. And yes, they are backwards. That makes it all complete and perfect, right?

Night Out for Sandra, Kids Asleep

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Some of Sandra’s Foreign Language buddies joined her for a night out Monday evening to celebrate Sandra’s birthday. The kids and I headed for Nana and Grandpa’s house. I arrived home with two sleeping babies at 8pm. I slipped Megan into bed, told her I had to get Michael and that I would return to read her a story in a few minutes. I put Michael in his bed, but when I returned to Megan’s room, she was sound asleep. When Sandra arrived home, we had two sleeping babies! Michael woke for an hour to eat in the 3am range I think, but you can hardly blame him since he had not seen Sandra since 4:30 or so, and he is used to nursing before bedtime.

I want Backins while Mama sleeps

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Megan has been waking earlier this week. This morning was no exception. She woke up crying, so I laid down next to her and we slept another hour and a quarter until 6:15. She woke me and announced “I get up” and then asked repeatedly for the door to be opened. We went out, made hot cocoa, emptied the dishwasher and other various early morning tasks. She even offered to make me coffee; I guess I looked tired. She asked me to open the gate to the back of the house at 6:40 or so. We went back to my bedroom where she promptly climbed onto the bed and declared “I want Back[yardig]ins while Mama sleeps.” I took a shower while Sandra snoozed and she watched “Riding the Range.” I was very impressed with her expression of two simulatenous actions (watching and sleeping) occuring.