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Delightful Evening

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

While Megan watched Backyardigans last night, Michael lay on my chest propped up by a boppy so we could stare at each other. I enjoyed at least 30 minutes of cooing, gurgling, and smiling. His face is getting far more expressive with forehead wrinkling, eyebrow arching, and smiles. What a delight! I sang the “Castaways” song from the Backyardigans episode Megan was viewing to him, and that seemed to bring a smile to his face every time (probably he recognized I wasn’t even vaguely on key). While Megan was getting Mama story time, I changed Michael, put on his sleep sack, and put him on his back on our bed so I could wash my hands. He fussed a little, but calmed back down when I started swinging a measuring tape on a lanyard above him. Perhaps it was the pink and purple swirling over his head, but he smiled at that as well. What a great evening…

 By the way, Michael is 3 months old today!

How much sleep is enough?

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Yesterday, Michael slept nearly 12 hours in the night. You know, just enough so that Sandra couldn’t possibly enjoy the “free” time (where she just had one child to care for). Sandra started checking him for fever, breathing, pupil dilation, Babinski response… She stopped short of hooking up the portable EKG. After all that, he woke up happy and alert. I guess he just needed some sleep. He snoozed more in the afternoon from 4 to 6:40 while we ate dinner at my parents house and Sandra went to her MK meeting. He finally awoke to be cuddled by his grandparents for half and hour before we took the kids home for bed. Michael wanted to stay up though. After his sister was fast asleep, the three of us sat on the loveseat and watched a little television. Michael nursed on and off, but did quite a bit of sitting up, looking around, cooing, smiling, and generally having a big time. I abandoned them for bed at 9pm since I was to be up early for racquetball. I remember Sandra showering at the end of the day around quarter after 10. Michael spends a lot of time in this position:


Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Sandra is obsessed with getting Megan in pigtails. They are adorable, and recently Megan has been more tolerant of leaving them in.

I Want You (for the…)

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Chocolate Pirate

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Mima is a sharing person. A chocolate sharing person. A chocolate sharing person who encourages her chocolate-covered granddaughter to say “Where’s Megan?” and put her hands over her eyes.

“Change Diaper”

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Saturday morning, Megan woke and called out for me. I went in her room, plopped down next to her, and she said to me “Change diaper.” Wow! She has signed before. She has even said “change” before. Never “Change diaper.” She said it again Saturday night before bed. New phrase! On Sunday, I wandered away to do something as she sat with Sandra and Michael. She looked at her mama and said “Where’d Dada go?” We are so pleased with her language progression. She has colors down reasonably well. “What color?” is one of my favorite games to play with her. Blue, pink, purple, orange, green, and red are common place as well as “yellow” but it comes out mispronounced as “lola.” You have to use context to understand if she is referring to an item that is yellow or her book I Love You So Much featuring Lola the Mouse.

Michael is 3 Months Old (almost)!

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Michael slept like a champ last night. Asleep on Sandra at 8:30pm, he is still asleep as I write this at 7:33am. I even went in to kiss him goodbye at 6:30am this morning, and he slept through that (Sandra noticed me on the camera I am sure and tensed up). We had a few pictures taken yesterday, and this is the star winner:

Another Good Night for Michael and Sandra

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Michael slept from 8:40 to 3:30 last night- not bad at all! He was a bit high maintenance yesterday, so I was grateful for the sleep. We all went to WW this morning; Megan played happily in the nursery (she rushed in and didn’t even tell me bye!) and Michael went with me to the meeting. He was fussy, so I pulled him out of his seat, but couldn’t really hold him while I weighed in. One of the MANY nice ladies there offered to hold him, and he got lots of attention and smiles as I took care of business. He is so mellow, so easy in some ways. In others, he’s a pistol! He is certainly making me work hard on laundry. He got me and him both wet this morning. Hopefully I can get my jeans through the wash before we leave again! If you see me in sweats, now you know why…


Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Science Center that is…

For President’s Day, we took Megan to the Adventure Science Center (formerly the Cumberland Science Museum). She has been many times before, but as she grows, she gains confidence. She climbed with me up to the top doing much of the climbing on her own (stairs and such).

The big news is that near the top is a large blue corkscrew slide that is fully enclosed. She has gone down with an adult before, but never on her own. This time she climbed right in and went down with great delight. I followed. We went down that slide at least six times, and she would have done more if we hadn’t pried her away.

She also enjoyed the “Mirror Face Thing” that allows you to superimpose your features on your partner’s features. She liked pressing the button that made the light come on. We traded sides several times as well.

We played on the steps of different rises as well. She liked to climb the 8″ risers and go down the 4″ risers.

We met Nana and Grandpa for lunch, and then as we drove she fell asleep. Sandra took the scenic route to the zoo to let the kids snooze a bit. We then spent and hour and a half walking around the zoo. Lots of “Rock!” and then an attempt to pick up the large gravel. I steered her clear of most of it.

She collapsed at 7:45 with no arguments after reading lots of books with the four of us in bed together. Michael slept about 6 hours, so Sandra was happy with that. Unfortunately, by the time Michael was back asleep, I was leaving for the YMCA, and then Michael woke, and then Megan woke 45 minutes later.

More Snow?

Friday, February 16th, 2007

The forecast calls for snow! I hope Megan and I get to play in it this weekend.