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Please Wait

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

I just had lunch with my family. Michael slept through everything, but as we started back towards my office, we heard a Michael “growl” from the back seat.

Megan: “Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama!”

Sandra: “What baby?”

Megan: “Wake!” (telling mama that Michael is waking up)

Sandra: “Tell him to please wait Megan. We will be home soon.”

Megan: “Please. Wait.”

Did Michael wait? I just don’t know the end of the story….

Nursery Time == Donut?

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Megan just spent an hour in the YMCA nursery, and as Sandra described it: “Guess who wasn’t a bundle of tears when I got her out of the nursery?” They were off to Krispy Kreme for a small reward.

Megan has had two other nursery experiences lately of which we have been proud. She spent an hour and twenty minutes in the Green Hills YMCA nursery while I practiced for the Robert Burns Demo upstairs. A few  tears at parting, but the YMCA employee said she settled down right after I left and played. She didn’t want to leave the play kitchen. She also spent an hour in the church nursery a couple of weeks ago happily playing. That is a rare thing. Sandra dropped her off, and Helen, Taylor, Brooke and others welcomed her in to play.

Those kids grow up so quickly!

Noga and Dinner at IHOP

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Arriving home yesterday, I found my family in the basement with a DVD playing, Megan ready for Daddy time, and Michael wide awake.  Megan, with a little prompting from Sandra, told me they had done “noga” (as the yoga video continued to play). Love those new words. 

 Sandra had lots of guests for her Mary Kay meeting last night, so I took the kids to meet with Nana and Grandpa at the nearby IHOP. Michael snoozed throughout the meal in his carseat perched securely in the Graco Safari double stroller, so there was never a need to disturb Sandra. Whew!

Meanwhile, we ordered dinner including the “Silver Five” and chocolate milk for Megan. She adored the sweet milk, and made short work of it. She only ate one of her silver dollar pancakes, but the scrambled eggs were popular. She got a few hashbrowns from her Grandpa’s meal, gobbled them half down, and begged for more. New word: “Hashbrown.” I was quite surprised to hear it issue forth. I then asked her what she had down with her mama today. She eventually figured out what I was looking for an announced “Noga.” It was clear enough that Nana understood with no help from me though. Near the end of the meal, she spied the “red” syrup. I gave her some strawberry syrup on her plate. A few bites of pancake went in, but then she picked up her spoon to go after it. A few bites of that, and I took the sticky mess to the bathroom to clean up and pajama. She came back out and danced with Grandpa around the restaurant looking at the decorations on the walls, including what she dubbed “The Great Pie” (from Samuri Pie, a The Backyardigans episode). She has been very big on “mix”ing with a wooden spoon lately like pie-master Tyrone uses in Samuri Pie. (”Mix and kick, and mix and kick, now do it quick, mix and kick, mix and kick. Now give the spoon a lick.”)

62 days ago…

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Hard to believe, but 62 days ago Sandra and I were lucky enough to have a second wonderful child enter our lives. Frankly, the past 9 weeks has been exhausting at times even for me (and certainly almost always for Sandra). When I returned to work in January, Sandra was left to cope with a demanding (and voracious!) one month old as well as a precocious, growing toddler. Megan challenges us every day. New words pop out of her mouth daily (astronaut, Mars, umbrella), and two to three word pharses are common. “More time!” is her shortened version of “one more time” used interchangeably with “again” when she wants that book re-read at bedtime. “Some” comes out when she wants part of what you have (usually food).  “Food” is a common response as well. “What are they eating?” …”Food!” While her mental abilities astound us, she is coming along physically quite well too. She weighed herself at Sandra’s instruction last week: 28 lbs - but that was fully clothed and shod. She loves the park; she takes great pleasure in swings, slides, running and climbing.

 Michael is doing his part to keep up with his sister. He is growing as fast as he can (perhaps a defense mechasnism so he won’t be confused with a doll by his eager sister). He hit 15 pounds last week at this 2 month check up. He is sleeping well (though no well enough yet for Sandra’s taste). We have tested him on a bottle a few times now with his first bottle being in Cracker Barrel just like his sister’s first bottle. He sleeps much better on his tummy, and we reluctantly came to terms with this “not recommended” sleeping position. It has made a world of difference in how well he rests. His neck is gaining strength daily, and he pushes up with his hands as he arches his back during “tummy time.”

His sister loves him, and will comfort him by wrapping both arms around him gently, patting him on the back, and saying “I know. I know.” She mostly calls him “baby” or “bah-la” (brother), but she occasionally repeats “Michael” reasonably clear.

 We are so lucky!