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A First for Megan

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Megan is starting kindergarten this month. It’s been a bit of a process. The first day of school for the county was August 12, but her first full day isn’t until August 26th. They seem to want to ease the kids in, though it feels a little hard on us. She went for testing on Friday the 13th and was there about an hour. Today, the 20th, is her “Bear Camp,” a half day for her. We all walked her to school for her 8:30am start and Grant will pick her up today at 12:30pm.

When I came home from the Y this morning, Megan was in our bed, having just woken Grant with her excitement about the day. She looked at me and told me that she was going to have a GREAT day in Bear Camp and that she’d be a wonderful listen and that she’d not talk when she wasn’t supposed to even if her other friends were talking and she’d be the best student ever. Who can argue with an affirmation like that?

She was very excited as we were getting ready this morning. Since Grant was able to walk with us, she said, “Mom, Daddy said he’ll hold my hand as we walk to school. You just need to take care of yourself and Michael; Daddy and I will be fine.” Stinker.

We walked her the half-mile to school and she was animated all along, talking about school and life in general. We paused at a couple points to take pictures and then headed into the school.I stopped in at the office to drop a few forms off, and then caught up with the family in the kindergarten hall. By the time I got there, Megan was seated on the floor outside the room, lined up with other little ones ready for Bear Camp. My animated, talktative girl had already changed though. The poor thing was pale (even for Megan!) and looked a little shell shocked. I think that it was just hitting her. I didn’t dare tear up. I smiled, kissed her head, told her to have a great day, and took off down the hall with Grant and Michael.

Big, wonderful things are coming. I just know it! We just have to get past these first days…

Little Victories, Sweet Somethings

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Potty training is once again occurring in the Glewwe household. Michael is following a similar pattern to that established by his sister so long ago. He’s having more successes every day though, and we are proud and grateful!
Last night Michael woke up (I hope he had been asleep a bit!) at 9:00pm and announced down the stairs (where we were) that he had to go potty. I came up to find him finishing his business and helped him wash his hands and celebrate before sending him back to his bed. He woke this morning with a mostly dry pull-up and announced he had to potty at 6am. Woo hoo! Now if only we could convince him to poop in the potty. Oh well; it’s getting better all the time, right?

On a completely different note, I just got home from dropping Megan off at school. A new child started in October, and he has been surrounded by OTs and PTs; it didn’t take a genius to know he had some special needs, mostly along that Autism spectrum. He’s a sweet child though, and Megan enjoys playing with him. I talked a wee bit with him this morning and the therapist that was escorting him to school told me that Megan is one of the best playmates for him. She said Megan’s patient and understanding and accepting of him. She actually said it warms her heart to see how Megan interacts with him. It made this momma very proud! I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

School & Potty Training

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Megan started school last week and has loved it. Part of the joy has to be the anticipation since so many of her friends have been in school a year or more. She is only in a two day per week program for 5 hours at a time, but she has come home bubbling both times I think. No seperation anxiety here! She is in the car and on her way right now. We made a big to-do out of her supplies including a new blanket from Nana made with fabrics Megan chose, a new Hello Kitty backpack she chose, a pink softside lunchbox she chose, and two Batman fliptop insulated straw cups our friend Susan recommended. She was very excited about the Batman even compared to the pink Barbie cup. I hoped to steer clear of those as she chose for re-use reasons (poor Michael doesn’t need a handed down Barbie cup) and non-match reasons (her friend Shona has Barbie). She loves the Dark Knight. She sat at a choir dinner at Nana and Granpa’s house eating at a table full of adults and one other child. David Kennedy chatted with her the entire time, and she had lots to say but was also a good listener and conversationlist. Other than revealing my prediliction for coffee and her mother’s disdain for  the brew, David and Megan agreed that Batman could beat Barbie up in a fight. I guess I need to review that with her so she knows that he could, but he never would hit a woman. I digress. More on school later.

 A prereq of school is potty training. She has mastered daytime with only the VERY occasional accident. However, her nighttime progress is not as good. She has always been a heavy sleeper, and her bladder isn’t yelling loud enough at the brain to get her up in time. She had two nights this weekend with no problems, and as I started to feel confident, we got slapped hard. Sunday night there was a single accident that resulted in her bed and our bed being changed in the middle of the night. I resolved to wake her as I went to bed last night for a quick trip to the potty and found she was already wet. Thinking we were clear, I fell into sleep to be awakened at 1:30 as she crawled into bed. Having learned my lessons from the night before, I checked her bottom and she was dry. She then informed me that she had an accident and had already changed. I checked her hamper and found something more than a little urine. Ugh! Change her sheets and back to bed for her. She came into our room around 7am naked from the waist down. She said she had another accident and had divested herself of the sodden clothing. Bath time!

What kind of experiences have you had? I personally was completely “trained” by 18 months (at which time I also started to swim). No doubt thereabouts I also composed a symphony, wrote several sonatas, read War and Peace and beat Bobby Fischer before losing interest in chess. I know all kids are different. Hmmm.

I just read a bit that said don’t worry until they are five or six. A co-worker has reassured me several times that it is no big deal and she will train when her body is ready.

Megan is School Bound

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Sometime in the spring, I spoke with the YMCA Pre-K program that meets at our church. They put Megan on the waiting list, but we never heard from them. A few weeks ago, Sandra grew antsy about school for Megan, and she decided to call the same program to inquire. They said that we were about to receive a call from them. Someone was moving and we were next on the list. Sandra and Megan recently visited the school and met Megan’s prospective teacher, Miss Molly. They toured the school (not a huge deal since Megan knows the layout of the church well). Megan will start the first week of December. She is very excited! She will attend only two days per week, but that gives Sandra a 5 hour break from two kids (right back to show from usher). Those might be great days at home where Michael will sleep for two hours while Sandra accomplishes things. Look for more updates on school soon.

On the dark side, Megan’s increasing activities have started horning in on our vacation plans. We have a trip scheduled with Nana and Grandpa in the Spring, but Megan’s dance recital is scheduled at the same time along with two days of school, a dance recital rehearsal, and the last dance class before the recital. Now we have to look at the WCS school calendar to determine when we should schedule vacation.