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Nursemaid’s Elbow

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Go on, Google it. I’ll wait.

I hope you read the technical definition and looked carefully at all the pictures. Now, let me tell you why I bring it up.

About a year ago, I came out of the back of the house to find Michael refusing to move his arm and Megan looking like she was in trouble. With a little prompting, I found out that Megan broke one of the MAIN rules of Momma: don’t pull on your little brother’s arms. Sure enough, she had. She said she was trying to “help” him. Hmm. Well, I called the doctor, got an appointment, got a screaming boy barely buckled in (boy did he cry when I touched that arm!) and got him to the doctor’s office. He cried when I got him un-buckled at the office, and even whimpered a few times in the waiting room. However, walking back to the patient room, he all of a sudden got better. I thought the doctor would think I was NUTS. Instead, she diagnosed nursemaid’s elbow, told me how to adjust it in the future, and sent us home with a smile.

I get home, call my mom, tell her Megan broke Michael. Mom *loves* this. It turns out this is what I did to my baby sister, Tobi, some 20+ years ago. Little, cute Tobi was standing behind the couch and said “Sissy, up!” I complied, grabbing her by the wrists and bringing her over the couch. Fast forward about 8 hours, when Dad came to wake me in the top bunk. He said they were taking Tobi to the ER. She apparently had been fussy on and off for hours and they thought she had a tummy ache, but she wasn’t moving her arm. I tearily confessed my crime and begged forgiveness. Dad, (I now know to have been) delighted to have an explanation for it all, took Mom and Tobi to the ER. Poor Tobi had to wear an arm sling for 3 days, when that arm finally relaxed into place and she could move it again. When Mom told me this, I was thankful Michael’s was a shorter sentence.

Fast forward to last night. We came slinking in after midnight (on a work night for my mom!!), all apologetic for being so late. Mom is sitting sheepishly on the couch. She tells us that Megan was likely still up. Megan was at a bounce house yesterday, then at a McDonald’s playground last night. But how does she give herself Nursemaid’s Elbow? She slipped off her Smart Cycle bike and tried to stop her fall. The poor girl had a rough-ish night, but, of course, the danged arm fixed itself on her way to the doctor this morning.

Oh, and yes, I tried the fix the doctor taught me. It just made her scream louder, but I’d like to think maybe it helped, too…

So, now you know all my stories on Nursemaid’s Elbow, the oddest little thing the little people in my life get afflicted with. Some other time, I’ll tell you about bleeding like a stuck frenulum…

Michael’s Growing Language Skills

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Michael’s language explosion continues like the BP oil spill. It’s been wonderful. Friends and family continue to be amazed by his expressiveness and the emergence of the thoughts that’ve been floating around in his head for so very long. For example, during a recent music class, the teacher had us dance to James Taylor’s “How Sweet it is to Be Loved by You.” Michael, ever eager to chat with his favorite teacher while dancing, said “That’s a question!” She was so impressed!

Beyond Michael sharing his insights, he’s also shared more of his sense of humor. His is a wicked sense of humor, true to the genetics passed on to him from both sides of the family. He and Megan constantly exchange “knock-knock” jokes. They make the jokes up themselves and are pretty terrible, but it makes the kids happy. Michael’s jokes tend to be something like:
M: Knock knock!
V: Who’s there?
M: Orange
V: Orange who?
M: Orange you!
To which Megan usually says “Ha ha ha, Very Funny.”

Lately, Michael’s gotten the best reaction with his “truck” joke. It’s mostly the same:
M: Knock Knock!
V: Who’s There?
M: Truck!
V: Truck who?
M: Truck you!
My mother nearly DIED when he told her this one. Why? Well, Michael is still having some pronunciation issues. He pronounces the “tr” in “truck” as an “f.” Go ahead. Go re-read and replace the words above, and you’ll understand Mom’s reaction.
This is actually one of our favorite things. We get him to say “firetruck” and “dumptruck” fairly regularly, but the largest giggles really come when the word sneaks out because he gets excited about a “pick-up truck” or, at Disney World, when he saw a “flying truck.” I love it!

Michael also leaves out the “l” in “flag.” The other day, he got excited about all the flags on trucks. I nearly had to pull over from laughing so hard.

We enjoy all these mispronunciations while we can get them now. After all, “tephants” have become “elephants” and Michael is even sometimes saying “Bullseye” instead of “Cullseye.” Pretty soon, trucks will just be trucks again, and we’ll have to cry. For now though- Mother Trucker!!


Sunday, March 14th, 2010

We signed the kids up for soccer this season; it’s a first for both of them. Their first games were this past Saturday.

Michael’s game was first. Unfortunately, it was scheduled for 1:00pm, the height of his naptime. He did well for a while, but then would fall down while running and be slow getting up. His coach (volunteer dads, real angels!) was wonderful about encouraging him.

By the end of the game, though, he was lying down on the field.

He ran with alacrity through the parent-formed tunnel at the end of the game, though, and enjoyed his snack.

He was asleep before Megan’s 2:00pm game ever began.

Megan’s team is the Ladybugs. Her coach is a mom we’ve crossed paths with in several ways over the years, and we like her a lot. It’s already a great start for our girl, who’s been begging to play soccer for some time.
It ws about 40 degrees out on Saturday. Megan’s sporting thermal underwear and a bulky pullover under her uniform, but I think she looks adorable!
She’s still learning the ropes, but she’s getting her hustle on.
For both our kids, who’ve been taught to share and not take toys, this soccer thing is a new way to think. They’re having fun though!
Best of all, Megan’s making new links to girlfriends, even if it’s a minute for gossp during the game.

We look forward to seeing how our kids grow and change in the weeks to come!

Little Victories, Sweet Somethings

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Potty training is once again occurring in the Glewwe household. Michael is following a similar pattern to that established by his sister so long ago. He’s having more successes every day though, and we are proud and grateful!
Last night Michael woke up (I hope he had been asleep a bit!) at 9:00pm and announced down the stairs (where we were) that he had to go potty. I came up to find him finishing his business and helped him wash his hands and celebrate before sending him back to his bed. He woke this morning with a mostly dry pull-up and announced he had to potty at 6am. Woo hoo! Now if only we could convince him to poop in the potty. Oh well; it’s getting better all the time, right?

On a completely different note, I just got home from dropping Megan off at school. A new child started in October, and he has been surrounded by OTs and PTs; it didn’t take a genius to know he had some special needs, mostly along that Autism spectrum. He’s a sweet child though, and Megan enjoys playing with him. I talked a wee bit with him this morning and the therapist that was escorting him to school told me that Megan is one of the best playmates for him. She said Megan’s patient and understanding and accepting of him. She actually said it warms her heart to see how Megan interacts with him. It made this momma very proud! I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

The Boy

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Michael has a problem sleeping. Actually, he has a problem falling asleep. He can only do it with me in the room. I’ve worked and worked on this, trying all I can to be away from him when he falls asleep. We have now progressed to the point that I lay in the hall outside his room with hsi door open until he falls aleep.

Tonight, while I lay uncomfortably on the floor outside his room, playing my 625th game of Sudoku while waiting for his soft snores to begin, I became more and more upset with myself and the situation. When Grant came upstairs, went inside our room, and shut the door, causing Michael to react, I yelled at the poor child and told him to stay in his bed, that I was still on the floor. I lay there, wondering when this would end. It seems like Megan was going to bed pretty much on her own by age 2 1/2, though they’re both such different children that it’s hard to really compare them. So, how do I progress out of this? Work a couple inches away from him each night until I’ve achieved freedom? Will I still be having to lie outside his bedroom door when he’s in kindergarten? Will he never get to go to sleepovers because he can’t bring his security blanket- his mama? When he has friends over, will I have to stay in the room with them until they sleep? In high school, will he have to know I’m near? In college? When he gets married, will I have to excuse myself while he and his wife prepare for sleep, then re-enter the room? No, because he’ll never get married if he still needs his mama in the room for him to go to sleep. He’ll be one of those wierdo Bates (what was his first name?) guys who keeps my skeleton dressed in some ugly old dress so he can sleep at night.

That’s right. I’m destroying all chances for Michael to grow up and have a normal, functional life because I can’t get him to go to sleep on his own. He’ll never have a proper sleepover, a prom date, a college education. He’ll have mommy issues forever! I’m a terrible mother! How do I escape this?!?!?!?

Better go now. I have to call my mom before I can go to sleep… (just kidding. mostly.)

Swim Lessons Continuing

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Today is almost our last day of swim lessons. We have one make-up session on Saturday, and then the kids get a one week break before we start up again. I go back and forth each day as to how happy I am with the whole enchilada, but I can tell you how great some of the fillings are!

The instructors have these handy dandy noodles that they take and tie in a pretzel around the kids’ torsos. (in a pinch, they also have floaty “backpacks”) Megan and Michael have both been using these, and over the last few days, have even had some independence with them. Megan has had times both Tuesday and Wednesday where she “swam” toward the instructor with her pretzel. She’s using “shovel hands” and kicking and working to keep her head from ever touch water and slightly panicking, but she’s making progress. With more lessons, maybe she’ll approach some of that confidence and bouyancy (did I misspell that or is it just a funny lookin’ word?) that she needs to swim on her own. She’s pretty danged proud of herself, though!

Michael has been using the pretzel, but yesterday wsa the first day I was successfully prompted into letting him go. He looks like a little puppy, hands and feet going wild under the water, but he had fun, I think. He also fought to keep that head above the water, going back and forth between closed-mouth determination and laughing at the idea of what he was getting done.

Neither child likes to swim on his or her back. Grant got to see part of Megan’s lesson yesterday and saw her work on her back some, but had to leave before the teacher took her hand away from Megan’s waist and sent her into a crying fit over floating on her back on her own. The teacher did all she could to comfort her, and I did tell Megan that, if she tries, she will float on her back. I don’t look forward to watching that today. Michael cries a little, but mostly just fights me and then pulls himself inward and over to fight the whole back-floating thing. I want them to get this so bad. I know how important it could be to their little lives. I talked to Megan briefly about floating on her back if something went wrong in the pool, but I don’t think it went anywhere. Maybe I should’ve tried that life-saver program they do with the wee ones…

For now, rather than panic every time I see water, I’m just going to keep working with them, remain diligent in their safety and well-being, and look forward to watching them play several years from now and know then that they will be at least a wee bit safer… (I do love to worry, after all!)

Other Notes on the Glewwe Babies

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Megan had her first ever dance recital on Sunday, May 3rd, at Centennial High School. It was great fun for both of us!
This is her tap costume:
I actually got to be one of the two “stage moms” for the tap dance. I loved being near the girls, and Megan, it turned out, loved having me up there with her. That made it even better. :)
This is her ballet costume, and her flowers from her fans:
This picture was actually taken right after the recital. I hope you can see the energy and joy she had in this event!

On Saturday, May 9th, Megan turned 4! The constant rain that had plagued Nashville for days let up just long enough for us to party at a local park, complete with members of the Brentwood Fire Department. Megan actually went from her party to a birthday party for a classmate, his party held at the Y. From there, she went to the Spring Fling at our church. We dragged her, Michael, and two other children home at about 7:30. By 8:02, that precious girl was fast asleep, worn out from a day of great fun. We really couldn’t have asked for a better day!

More pictures and anecdotes are forthcoming. We’ll try to do a better job of keeping in touch!

Too danged cute for words

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I left Michael’s room at 8:30pm, his soft snores following me across the hall. Within minutes, he was awake and chased me into my room. I told him to go back to his bed, that I had too much to do and couldn’t sleep with him all night. (criticize me all you want- I won’t read it anyway!)
Fast forward 1.5 hours. Grant is finally home, and we’re headed up to bed. Michael has been quiet for almost an hour, so I’m confident he’s asleep. I go in his room to check on him. He’s not in his bed. He’s not in his room. He’s not in our bed. I did hear Megan at one point… her door is locked! Grant!!! He unlocks the door and finds two lumps in Megan’s bed. Check out my sweet babies!

Tornado Warnings AGAIN?

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Oh well, at least we have each other. And goldfish crackers. And carrots. Oh, yeah- and a portable DVD player loaded with “An American Tail.”
We got home from music class to the sounds of tornado sirens going off in the neighborhood. I sent Megan to our tornado spot, right at the bottom of the stairs, and pulled the sleeping Michael out of his car seat as quickly as possible. I put him on a quilt on the floor and let him nap while Megan started the movie. When he woke (thunder, tv blaring in my office with warnings, Megan watching a movie- can’t figure out WHY he woke up!) 45 minutes later, I put Megan next to him and let them continue snacking and watching the movie. I eventually supplemented the carrots and goldfish with a yogurt tube and some girl scout cookies, and they stayed still for me until the warnings lifted at 1:15. It’s nice to be upstairs again; I’m off to see if I can get anything done!

About the Boy

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

At 3:45 this morning, I heard movement from the room across the hall. Footsteps, a door closed, our door opened and closed, and an approach to my side of the bed. I knew it was Michael. I had just put him back in bed, and I thought if he thought I was asleep again, maybe he’d go back to bed. He didn’t. I played asleep so well that I did doze a little, only to wake to hear him fart twice while he grabbed at the DS Lite on my bedside table. I woke with a start and grabbed at him before he could turn on our light (as he had 10 minutes earlier- I blame my sweet ape-armed hubby for that one). I escorted him into his room and sat on his bed until he fell asleep shortly after 5:10am. Bleck.

I will say this for the boy: he’s finally talking. He talked the WHOLE time he was awake in the wee small hours of the morning. He talked a great deal about Megan, whom he missed terribly yesterday- she’s been with Nana and Grandpa since yesterday morning and won’t be back until this evening. He talked about kitty cats and ya-yas (horses) and vrooms. He practiced all sorts of talking. He’s usually such a quiet child, busy watching while Megan’s doing the talking. It’s like he finally had enough quiet around him that he could let the words out. The timing was just a little off.

Michael’s talking more and more, and it’s absolutely wonderful. Upon reflection, I’ve realized more about this child of mine:

Do you remember the movie Parenthood? Do you remember the kid walking around with the bucket on his head, banging it on things for kicks? I birthed that child. His bucket of choice is the pink plastic trash can in Megan’s bedroom. I’ll try to get pictures of it up sometime…

And Boo, from Monsters, Inc? Remember the scene where she’s babbling and playing in Sully’s bed and then just turns her head and falls asleep immediately? I thought that was so unrealistic until I watched my own child do it over and over and over again. Michael did it at 5:10am, and then again at 12:45pm for nap. Crazy!

Other fun things about Michael? Beyond his love for all animals, he has a wonderful sense of humor. He loves to tickle and be tickled, and especially loves to tell me he’s about to get my neck. The more I squeal, the happier he is. He’s just a wonderful child to know– most of the time. :)